Welcome to Foam and Rubber Strip

Foam Strip and Rubber Strip is a family owned and run business based in Birmingham, West Midlands, manufacturing both rubber strip, and foam strip since 1860.

Our standard product range includes items such as neoprene strip, EPDM strip, silicone strip, foam tape, rubber tape, expanding foam tape, neoprene sponge strip, polyethylene strip, and adhesive backed strip (also known as self adhesive rubber strip) to name just a few.

With the introduction of brand new state of the art slitting machinery in March 2009 and a further one in April 2010, we are able to offer our cut solid rubber strip and cut foam strip products at even more competitive prices and furthermore we are sure that you won’t find a cheaper price elsewhere with the same high quality of standard.

All grades of closed cell expanded foam strips and solid cut rubber strips are manufactured by our Company so whether it’s neoprene sponge strip section you are after, solid square section EPDM rubber or neoprene rubber strips, we have the answer for you. We are a manufacturer and supplier of all foam and rubber strips and all products are produced in house meaning that we are possibly the cheapest manufacturer online.

Both foam strip and rubber strips help solve a myriad of sealing issues and aid in applications such as cushioning, anti vibration, water penetration, dust, wind and rain prevention as well as acoustic and filtration issues. All foam blocks and rubber blocks are also manufactured by our company. Both open cell and closed cell foam rubber strip are available from our Company. We are also becoming a leading neoprene sponge cord supplier in every diameter up to and including 25mm.

Try us today for all your rubber stripping requirements. Click here to ask a member of our sales team about our rubber strip range.

Due to the severe weather conditions, coupled with the every changing climate that the UK have experienced over the past few years we are also manufacturing and a leading supplier of all rubber strips for snow ploughs. Rubber wear strips are critical in the protection of the physical snow plough metal blades. The rubber wear strip for the snow plough can be made to any size and thickness to suit your specific appliance.

We are also leading the market as a foam tape supplier. All foam tape products are manufactured in house with rapid lead times. Foam tape is foam strip or sponge strip, normally supplied in neoprene or EPDM foam, with a single sided adhesive to aid in fixing. Our foam tape is manufactured with a peel away paper liner or if quantities are large enough can even be supplied self wound.

Foam tape proves an excellent product for sealing against dust or water on applications including weather sealing and draught sealing. Foam tape can also be supplied as a double sided adhesive product for applications including number plate adhesion. Custom made double and single sided foam tape pads can also be manufactured to any specific size and shape.

Current Range of Foam Strip and Rubber Strip Products

  • Rubber Strip – Neoprene Strip – Nitrile Strip – EPDM Strip – SBR Strip – Silicone Strip – Rubber Tape (Available with or without self adhesive backing).
  • Foam Strip – Neoprene Foam Strip – Neoprene Sponge Strip – Nitrile/PVC Foam Strip – EPDM Strip – Viton Sponge Strip – Polyethylene Foam Strip – Silicone Sponge Strip – Expanding Foam Tape – Foam Tape (Available with or without self adhesive backing).
  • Foam Sheet – Neoprene Foam Sheet – EPDM Foam Sheet – Acoustic Foam Sheet – Silicone Sponge Sheet.
  • Rubber Sheet – Neoprene Sheet – EPDM Sheet – Nitrile Sheet – Viton Sheet – Silicone Sheet.
  • Sponge Rubber Roll – Neoprene Roll – EPDM Roll – PE Foam Roll – PVC Nitrile Roll – Silicone Sponge Roll

Why compromise your design by buying something online that doesn’t really meet your requirements? Our custom made cutting service of both closed cell sponge strips and solid rubber strips is the ideal solution to obtaining what you actually need within your design and normally with a fast lead time.

Production runs can be manufactured with thicknesses of foam and rubber strips incorporating 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, and 40mm. Whether you are wanting to buy 5mts, 10mts, 20mts, 50mts, 100mts or 1000mts of foam strip or rubber strip, foamandrubberstrip.co.uk are more than capable of supplying you. We frequently run batches of 5 metres in conjunction with much larger quantity runs of 2000 metres plus

Foam strips and rubber strips can not only be provided in continuous coils but also cut to any specific pad or shape to suit your design. Foam gaskets or sponge / foam strips are an excellent solution for applications where a closed cell draught seal is required such as letterbox foam seals.

Our unique cutting service offers adhesive foam pads and adhesive rubber pads and/or rubber blocks to suit any design and all produced at unbeatable prices. Adhesive foam pads can even be supplied on continuous rolls or sheet with the external skeleton removed. Known as ‘kiss cut’ cutting, this technique is sure to speed up any assembly line with easy peel away parts.

The company is solely owned and predominantly run by family members, supplying a diverse range of industrial sectors including glazing, construction, automotive, packaging, marine, aerospace, MOD (Ministry of Defence), vintage cars, and London underground to name just a few. Fully understanding the needs of our customers, we are able to react both promptly and professionally.

Furthermore, with our passion for fast manufacturing lead times coupled with our very competitive prices, it has rapidly positioned us as a leading supplier of all types of foam and rubber strip not only through the UK, but worldwide!! In fact our rubber strips and foam strips product range are used in countries including Germany, Dubai, Chile, China, Poland, USA, Mexico and the Republic of Ireland!!

Continual enhancement in production methods and heavy investment in new state of the art machinery has enabled our Company to establish itself as a market leader in the supply of both foam and rubber strip. Employing a committed and skilled team in excess of twenty five people, Foam and Rubber Strip is more than equipped to efficiently deal with any requirement no matter how big or small.

We frequently run ‘one off’ orders and multi thousand metres simultaneously. Individual rubber strips or rubber blocks are all manufactured by our company. Individual sizes or lengths of all foam strips, foam blocks, rubber strip, and foam blocks are produced to suit customer requirements. These foam blocks and rubber blocks can be supplied with or without a self adhesive backing. Foam pads are often produced in bulk for requirements such as mouse mat bases.

Whether you are after a few metres of neoprene strip to solve a draught problem; a few hundred metres of EPDM strip to seal and act as a barrier against weathering or a few thousand metres of rubber strip to separate stainless steel on a construction site, Foam and Rubber Strip has the answer. Moreover, we are able to apply a good and strong paper peel adhesive backing to any foam or rubber strip product we supply. Adhesive backed foam and rubber strips are fully available with rubber tape, foam tape, and expanding foam tape products standard items of manufacture. Single sided foam tape as well as double sided foam tape are manufactured to customer requirements at incredible speed and even more remarkable low prices.

At present, to the best of our knowledge, we are the largest UK based company for purchasing rubber sheeting. This means that we can offer our products at incredibly low prices, but still supplying a high quality product. All types of solid rubber sheeting are available to buy, most with immediate dispatch. Our products include neoprene rubber sheet, EPDM rubber sheet, Nitrile rubber sheet to name but a few.

A vast array of expanded rubber sheeting is also available to buy. Neoprene sponge sheet, EPDM sponge sheet, polyethylene foam sheet are just three common types and are readily available for purchase with or without an adhesive backing / self adhesive applied. These can be supplied ready cut to size in foam blocks or rubber blocks. The vast majority of standard grades (neoprene foam sheet, EPDM foam sheet, polyethylene foam sheet, acoustic foam sheet) are held in stock for immediate dispatch. Foam sheet, sponge sheet, and all foam roll can all be supplied with or without self adhesive.

Foam Strip or Rubber Strip Cut To: 10mm x 2mm, 20mm x 3mm, 25mm x 3mm, 50mmx 3mm, 20mm x 4mm, 20m x 6mm, 25mm x 6mm, 25mm x 10mm, 25mm x 25mm, 50mm x 6mm, 50mm x 10mm, 30mm x 3mm

For incredible prices on neoprene strip, EPDM strip and all other types of rubber strip, please feel free to email us your enquiries.